10 Fun Fall Activities For The Season

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp and cool, and all things pumpkin are beginning to appear! Fall is here and it’s time to celebrate the season with fun and engaging activities. Here are ten you can do with your entire family.

1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch. Let your little ones explore a farm surrounded by pumpkins. In addition to taking a pumpkin home, learn about agriculture and the animals on the farm, go on a hayride, and get lost in a corn maze.

2. Write for the Weather. Writing improves communication skills, encourages creativity and exploration, and helps kids review recently learned material. Inspire children to write stories from an apple’s point of view or about being teleport to another universe via a corn maze.

3. Apples and Activities. The harvest season for delicious apples usually begins in September and ends around early October. Visit one of the state’s orchards to pick and learn about harvesting apples.

4. Sensing Fall. Capture the season in a container by constructing fall sensory bottles. Ask kids what kinds of things they think about when they hear the word ‘fall’ and write them down. Some things that may be mentioned are pumpkins, leaves, or candy. Then, head to the store and buy small representations of their selections to place in bottles filled with water. Add fall colored glitter for a bit more sparkle.

5. Don’t “Leave” Me Behind. Take them on a nature walk with bags and have them collect different types of leaves. Once you return home, encourage them to categorize the leaves using their own criteria. Lastly, have them take a large sheet of divided grid paper, glue their categories on the paper vertically, and explain how they sorted them.

6. Autumn Content Collection. Discovery Education has an Autumn Content Collection filled with videos, writing prompts, and songs about the seasons for students of all ages. One informative video describes how the earth’s tilt creates seasons and changes the length of days throughout the year.

7. Sugary Science. The end of October yields a bevy of candy that will have children bouncing off the walls. To reduce the amount of sugar consumption, design captivating science experiments with leftover Halloween treats that require critical thinking and problem solving.

8. Finding Foliage. This math and science lesson from Education World assists students with inputting data, making determinations based on that data, and graphing changes over time. In it, students track foliage transformation in five locations and infer the best time to visit those places to observe peak color brilliance.

9. Little Measurements. Cooking is a great way to teach kids about measurements and temperature. Gather a combination of recipes that incorporate seasonal foods and begin baking them with your children. You can make fresh apple cider using the apples you picked from the local apple orchard or delicious pumpkin pies from the gigantic pumpkin you acquired at the pumpkin patch.

10. Fall Sing-A-Longs . Sing songs that celebrate and teach about fall characteristics. Once they have learned one or two songs, make fun musical instruments using apple seeds, beans, cups, and paper plates. Play them while you belt out the songs learned about fall.

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Source: http://www.gpb.org/blogs/education-matters/2016/10/06/fall-fun-ten-activities-for-the-season

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