2014 State Public School Testing: Why Test Prep Is So Important This Year

2014 State Public School Testing

Why Test Prep Is So Important This Year

Tutoring Serice for help with Math, Reading and SAT Prep.When students take their required end of year state proficiency test, the main goal for schools is to know how much their students learned and retained over the course of the school year.  Each state has a set of requirements, called the Performance Standards that outline what the expectations are for instruction, assessment, and student work.  Besides just having the results back to see how the schools and teachers are doing, states have important  “benchmark years,” where the students are held accountable for their scores, and must pass by a certain margin.

Ensure the Best Instruction~ The best way is to find a State Test Prep program that is aligned with your state standards. Students can learn “how” the questions are going to be asked and practice answering.  If you choose to use  Prep program, make sure the sessions are led by certified teachers. Omega Learning® Centers offer the country’s best CRCT Test Prep. Find a center near you here: http://www.omegalearning.com/find-tutors/.

Tutoring Services for K-12 Grades. Math Tutroing, Reading Tutoring and SAT / ACT Prep.

Tutoring K-12 with Certified Teachers and Common Core-aligned curriculum

Getting quality guided instruction from a certified teacher, verses practicing alone at a home computer can make a big difference.  Omega’s certified teachers have helped students achieve success on state tests for nearly a decade. Omega’s AIM Tutoring System® allows our teachers to most efficiently teach your student through multi-sensory teaching resources. Tutors send daily email updates to parents AND school teachers, keeping everyone informed on your child’s “Academic Team.” Proactive Parents Choose Omega Learning® Center for State Test Prep!

Important Testing Years – For most states, these benchmark years are 3rd, 5th, and 8th grades. When the students take their end of year state test in these grades, they MUST pass the Reading/Language Arts and Math portions of the test in order to move on to the next grade. Students may need some assistance when preparing for this test, because the subject material covered is so extensive. (Check with your local board of education website for state specific testing.)

For more information on Omega’s state test prep packages starting at only $20/hour, call your local Omega Learning® Center. Find a center here: http://www.omegalearning.com/find-tutors/

For more information on Omega Learning® Center list of educational services or to find a learning center near you, call our national support cnter at 770-422-3510.

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