5 Ways to Help Boost Your Child’s Brain


Kids understand that to get stronger, they need to work out their muscles with regular exercise. Teach them the brain is like a muscle that can get bigger and stronger. Here are 5 ways to teach your child to keep working on their brain “muscle”:

1. Your brain keeps growing
Talk with your child about the science of the brain. Explain that their brain grows throughout life, and the more they challenge themselves, the more their brain will grow.

2. We’re all babies
Explain that no one starts out knowing everything. Use babies as a way to explain this point. When they’re born, babies can’t talk. But as they get older and keep trying new things, they learn how to speak, walk, and do hundreds of new things.

3. Success is earned
Many people (including plenty of grown-ups!) think that people are just born smart . . . or not. People aren’t born smart—they have to work for success in school and throughout life. Explain to your child that to be a success, you have to work for it – often very hard. To get your child thinking about what it takes to be a success at school, ask questions like, “What did you learn?” instead of “What grade did you get?” This will help your child focus on the fact that through great effort, comes great success.

4. Hard work is a chance to learn
In middle school, as work gets harder, many kids start pulling away from working hard at school as a way to rebel from their parents. So start now by teaching them early, and often, that hard work is a chance for them to learn, grow, and become better at something that is important to them (sports, music, school . . .whatever it may be).

5. Make a plan
If your child has a big challenge or goal they want to reach, help them make a plan. Talk through, and even write down, how they can achieve that goal. You can even create a ‘Rewards Chart’ to encourage your child to map out steps to success!

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