5 Ways to Thank a Teacher

Take time out to celebrate the work of your local educators during American Education Week. Below are some ideas for helping your child (and you) express gratitude for your teachers. You can use them all year long too.

1. Share memorable moments. With your child, make a scrapbook for their teacher filled with their favorite things about school. Include stories, artwork, and photographs. Invite your child to decorate the book and be sure to include a note from you as well.

2. Give a gift a day. Leave a small treat in your child’s teacher’s mailbox each day of the week. Simple but meaningful gifts, like a handmade card or a much-loved snack, will thrill your child’s teacher.

3. Use your words. Write a letter to your child’s teacher expressing your gratitude. Help your child write a letter, too, and then invite them to decorate both. Place them in a double-hinged picture frame and invite your child to present the gift to their teacher.

4. Lend a helping hand. Volunteer to chaperone a class trip, assist with large art projects, provide snacks once a month, or take care of the class pet for a weekend. It’s a great way to help out while learning more about your young one’s school activities.

5. Throw a “thank you” party. Organize a potluck party for your child’s teacher. Ask each set of parents to bring in a different dish, and invite children to decorate the classroom. At the end, make sure everyone works together to clean up — except the teacher!

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Source: http://www.scholastic.com/parents/resources/article/more-school-involvement/5-ways-to-thank-teacher

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