6 Back-to-School Tips Every Student Can Use

Students, does it really matter how you start the school year? In a word, yes.

With that, we wanted to give you 6 quick back to school tips to help students get the year off on the right foot. If you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your semester, give these a shot.

Back to school tip #1: Get an organization system set in your mind before you start school

Systems make things easy. That’s just the way it is.

But too many students think that if they just get supplies to stay organized, Boom! it happens. They’re organized!

But it doesn’t work that way. Disorganized students rarely (like really rarely — as in flying pig rarely — or professional wrestler with a PhD rarely) get disorganized because they lack the proper tools. Disorganization almost always comes from the lack of an organizational system to use those tools.

Back to school tip #2: Make sure you have the right tools

Organization systems are important, and having the right tools make them easier to use. Do you have a tool to keep your assignments in one place? How about a tool that lets you know what due dates are coming up? What about a tool that helps you stay on track today to make sure you get all your homework done?

If you have tools for each of these, you should be set. If you’re not sure, our recommendation is to try a study skills course where we train students in how to use the right tools.

Back to school tip #3: Prepare yourself to do some work

Back to school time means it’s back to work time. Learning is work. It’s hard work. It’s not always super fun.

Prepare yourself, young grasshopper. We recommend putting a time on your calendar that you plan to study each day. This will help you mentally prep for the work ahead of you. Expect to study at least 5 days a week (sad, I know, but it’s what it will take to stay on top of your work and your stress level).

Back to school tip #4: Get in a routine

Are you waking up at the crack of noon? It’s probably time to revisit that alarm clock and start waking up before the sun starts going down. Developing any kind of routine is a great first step toward hitting that back to school grind

Back to school tip #5: Brush up on your study skills

We had to say it. Study skills impact everything about your education — grades, time spent, stress levels, advancement, and we could keep going. Check out our the essential study skills course for some free resources.

Back to school tip #6: Go to sleep

It helps. Trust me. When you get some rest, you’ll be a much happier camper when the daily homework kicks up to hyper-speed again.

If you have any other tips, we’d love to hear them on social media – let’s keep the conversation going.

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Source: https://www.studyright.net/blog/6-back-to-school-tips/

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