Core Standards

What is the Common Core Standards Initiative?

The CCSSI is a state-led effort designed to improve educational outcomes for students by developing a set of consistent, clear K-12 academic standards in English language arts and mathematics. National PTA and Harvard Research studies have found that when parents are actively engaged in their children’s education, student achievement outcomes improve. Parents need to know how the new curriculum changes will affect their children for years.

  • Standardized curriculum across the nation.
  • Classroom testing will become increasingly more important.
  • Academic areas will be covered with greater depth.
  • Curriculum and testing will encourage real world application.
  • Less multiple choice tests. More answers requested in written form.
  • Advanced critical thinking skills will be needed to succeed in testing.

Common Core Standards in Education - Understanding how it affects educators and students.


What are the challenges?

A nationwide transition to a common core curriculum offers many advantages, but the interpretation of these initiative objectives by states and even school systems may vary and prove challenging for families. For example, states with higher learning standards will have to lower standards during the transition period and states with lower standards will need additional resources to catch up. Curriculum will become more rigorous within increasing classroom sizes, leaving students to rely on an increased amount of study skills to achieve a desired course grade and GPA.


How can Omega Learning help your student?

Our children must succeed through the transition years. Our qualified instructors encourage students to use vital critical thinking skills rather than rely on simple memorization, and our certified teachers communicate with parents after each tutoring session to ensure your educational expectations are achieved. Omega offers a comprehensive solution to the common core challenges. Our remediation curriculum is common core aligned, which means our tutors can help your child build critical thinking skills and achieve increased classroom performance. Our comprehensive math and reading programs include the following key objectives: Remediation, Homework Help, Study Skills, Test Prep, and Enrichment.