Five Things Your Teen Can Do At This Midyear Checkpoint

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Your teen’s junior year is almost half over. With an eye on applying to college next year, now is the time for teens to take stock of what they’ve accomplished so far this year and plan what needs to be done the rest of the year so they can hit the ground running their senior year.

Share these five things they can do at this midyear checkpoint.

1. Continue to work hard in classes

Grades are important when applying to colleges. Keep up the good work and remember there are fantastic supplemental resources available to you with Omega Learning Center tutoring centers. Even straight A students need help with the rigorous curriculum in AP classes!

2. Examine courses

Colleges look at the kinds of courses teens take, not just grades. Encourage your child to take challenging high school classes, such as honors or AP courses. If your child is already taking AP classes now, be sure to ask about AP Exams, given in May each year.

3. Make a testing plan

Spring is the time your junior will likely take college admissions tests, like the SAT, for the first time. Your teen can follow these guidelines to choose which college admission tests to take. And don’t forget to mark registration deadlines and test dates on your calendars you don’t want to pay late fees or miss the test!

4. Take stock of extracurricular activities

Your teen should make a list of the activities he or she participates in outside of schoolwork and reflect on what they say about him or her. What did he or she enjoy most about them? What do they have in common? Listen to this advice on how colleges view extracurricular activities.

5. Make an appointment with the school counselor

It’s important for your child to be in touch with the school counselor, who can help him or her choose classes and stay on track for college. Counselors are also a great source for advice on finding colleges that are a good fit.

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