Free Video Presentation: Exclusive 4-Step Tutoring Process

As a parent, you know that increased classroom sizes are negatively affecting our students’ comprehension of complex math and reading material. One of the main reasons why Omega Learning® Centers have seen such an increase in tutoring enrollment is due to larger classroom sizes and changing curriculum standards in public and private schools. As a parent looking for the best for your child, you can feel confident knowing that Omega’s investment in research and data that supports our numerous proprietary trademarks, systems, and exclusive products span two decades and will prepare your student for success in their current educational environment.

Omega Learning® Center is your best resource for K-12 tutoring and test preparation! Your student will build self-confidence and benefit from individualized instruction led by certified teachers and Omega’s exclusive 4-Step Tutoring Process and trademarked AIM Tutoring System®. Learn more by watching our FREE video.

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