How Students from Omega Learning Stand Out

August 28 FridayJulie has always been shy in school. She would often perform poorly on tests and did not feel confident asking questions in her classroom. There are many students like Julie who are afraid to speak up, unsure of their answers, have text anxiety, and feel insecure raising their hand in class. After seeing her grades fall,  Julie’s parents turned to Omega Learning® Center for a solution. Through the Woodcock Johnson IV academic assessment, Omega Learning® discovered skill gaps in Julie’s reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Julie enrolled in Omega’s tutoring reading program, where her dedicated Omega tutor provided individualized instruction, positive reinforcement, and consistent correspondence with Julie’s parents and schoolteachers. Soon, Julie felt a boost of confidence asking questions she didn’t feel comfortable asking at school. After completing her customized reading program, Julie showed 2.8 years academic growth, her self-confidence grew, and she developed more advanced critical thinking skills that she can use throughout her academic career.

We know there are many students like Julie, and we recognize that skill gaps often go undetected until grades fall. Omega Learning® Center provides a comprehensive solution through our nationally recognized academic assessment, Woodcock Johnson IV, and our customized tutoring programs. Omega Learning® Center methodically utilizes a superior tutoring system, inclusive of the following differentiating factors:

• Communicating daily with parents and schoolteachers.
• Certified teachers for tutoring.
• AdvancED accredited.
• Uses school-aligned supplemental curriculum.
• Provides a customized tutoring program for each student.
• One tutor to work with your child each week.
• Community partner.
• Offers a comprehensive solution: AIM Tutoring System®

Through these differentiating key factors, Omega Learning® Center is able to help students like Julie achieve academically and to each family’s educational goals. With an outstanding 2.8 academic growth, improving classroom performance such as better grades and more confidence, and building important application skills that will last a lifetime, it’s no wonder students like Julie stand out.

Omega Learning® Center offers Tutoring K-12 with certified teachers for every subject in school. Find a center near you!

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