How to Amp Up Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Tutors.Being a parent isn’t easy…but it sure can be fun! Whether it’s seeing your child’s first steps or first date, the “growing up” milestones are events that you will treasure long after your child has left the nest. As they grow up, it’s important for your child to know that you’re there through thick and thin. What can you do to raise a child with a healthy self-esteem?

1. Converse with Your Kid

Talk often with your child about life, interests, feelings and thoughts. Your child will build up communication skills and, more importantly, feel loved. Doing something simple like chatting with your child will help build confidence and independence.

2. Set Loving Limits

Create consistent, reasonable and age-appropriate boundaries to help your child feel safe and loved. Setting a curfew or a weekly allowance shows you entrust them with responsibilities.

3. Give Them Genuine Encouragement

A simple smile or an encouraging nod communicates to your child that you care for them. Talk with genuine interest rather than excessively showering empty praise. Instead of telling your child every single thing they do is great, carry on real conversations. Find out about who they truly are, what they struggle with, what they love, what their ambitions and passions are.

4. Encourage Them to Cope with Difficult Situations

Teach your child how to resolve conflict, deal with anger and manage stress. You can strengthen their self-esteem during times of crisis by offering your unwavering support; if you believe in them, they will believe in themselves.

5. Walk the Talk

Be the example you want your child to follow. Model how to live a caring and productive life by being considerate of other people’s opinions and expressing appreciation. Whether you’re interacting with your friends or family, a store clerk or another driver on the road; be patient and respectful of others. Your child’s watching and learning!


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