How to Handle a Bad Report Card


At the end of the year, students bring home their report card reflecting where they stand academically at school. However, some students come home with not-so-perfect grades. This can be concerning for a parent who doesn’t know what went wrong. Although it might seem like a big red catastrophic flag for parents, there are ways to handle a bad report card and what steps you can take moving forward with your child.

If your child brings home a less-than-perfect report card:

  •  Don’t lose your cool.
  • Accentuate the positive.
  • Find out if the schoolwork is too difficult.
  • Review your child’s study habits.
  • Create a plan to maximize future success.
  • Contact the teacher.

When talking with your child about problem areas, don’t yell or blame them for the grade. Focus on discussing the class itself.

First, ask them if the work was too difficult or the class went too fast. If they were bored or “hated it,” find out if they thought the class was too easy and ask them to explain their dislikes and try to address them. For example, if math is “useless” and “dull,” find ways to show them how math is used in subjects they love, from space exploration to shopping.

Second, ask about homework. Were they getting enough time to complete it or were their extracurricular activities taking up too much after-school time? Were they distracted from completing work at home? If your child doesn’t have a special homework area, spend time with them brainstorming and creating a new study space for back to school.

Consider help if your child:

  • consistently avoids reading activities or complains that reading is too difficult
  • if you have an older child who was diagnosed with a learning problem (these difficulties tend to run in families; the earlier problems are diagnosed, the quicker you can find the help your child deserves)
  • does well in small groups but feels lost in larger ones
  • if your instincts tell you that they’re having a harder time than their classmates
  • chronically disorganized, forgets homework sheets, misses quiz or test dates
  • can’t manage homework time well
  • fails to take responsibility for doing homework
  • does well in some subjects but poorly in others
  • never reads for pleasure

Most of the time, a bad report card is a sign that a child has skill gaps that have gone undetected, which results to failing grades. Omega Learning® Center can help your child fill in those skill gaps with Omega’s comprehensive solution through our nationally academic assessment and customized tutoring programs. Our assessment identifies and measures skill gaps in specific academic areas. By administrating the assessment and determining your child’s primary learning style, Omega Learning® Center can help your child with proven academic results.

Omega Learning® also provides summer tutoring and enrichment camps to help your child catch up to speed and preview fall curriculum.  Omega’s certified teachers will help your student build the vital critical-thinking skills needed to start the new school year prepared and confident.

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