March Countdown: A Checklist for High School Students on the New SAT

February 1 MondayThere are only a few things you really need to bring on test day, and a lot of things you’ll be better off leaving at home. Make sure you show up with everything you need with this SAT checklist.

1. Check for Test Center Closings

The College Board posts test center closings a few days before each test date. During bad weather, check test center closings on Friday night and on Saturday morning before leaving for the test center.

2. Arrive Early! Doors Open 7:45 a.m.

All test centers open at 7:45 a.m. and doors close at 8 a.m., unless otherwise noted on your Admission Ticket. You cannot be admitted once testing has started. If you’re late or absent on test day, you can reschedule. We recommend rescheduling as opposed to re-registering — it will cost less.

3. What to Bring

  • Your Admission Ticket
  • Acceptable photo ID
  • Two No. 2 pencils with erasers
  • An approved calculator

4. Nice to Have:

  • A watch (without an audible alarm)
  • Extra batteries and backup equipment — you’ll have to ask for permission to access them. They cannot be on your desk during the test.
  • A bag or backpack
  • A drink or snacks (for your break)
  • Breakfast before you arrive

5. What Not to Bring

  • Any devices, including digital watches, that can be used to record, transmit, receive, or play back audio, photographic, text, or video content (with the exception of CD players used for Language with Listening Subject Tests only)
  • Audio players/recorders, tablets, laptops, notebooks, Google Glass, or any other personal computing devices
  • iPods or other MP3 players
  • iPads or other tablet devices
  • Laptops, notebooks, PDAs or any other personal computing devices
  • Any texting device
  • Cameras or any other photographic equipment
  • Separate timers of any type
  • Protractors, compasses, rulers
  • Highlighters, colored pens, colored pencils
  • Pamphlets or papers of any kind
  • Dictionaries or other books — there are no exceptions, even if English is not your first language
  • Food or drinks (except for during breaks), unless approved by the College Board’s Services for Students with Disabilities.

Your school counselor can share a complete list of prohibited devices — just ask to see the Official Student Guide.

6. Turn Off All Electronic Devices

You’ll need to turn off all electronic devices during the test and even during breaks. This includes cellphones. Be sure to turn off your watch alarm, if you have one.

Why? Test centers are serious about security and quiet, so prohibited devices — which include cellphones, tablets, and MP3 players — must be turned off and put under your desk. Better yet: Leave them at home.

7. If You Bring or Use Prohibited Devices

The test administration staff is encouraged to collect and hold phones and other prohibited electronic devices during the test administration, including break periods, or to deny admission to anyone who is in possession of a prohibited electronic device.

If your device makes noise or you are seen using it at any time, including during breaks, you may be dismissed immediately, your scores can be canceled, and the device may be confiscated and its contents inspected. The College Board is not responsible for loss or damage to personal items, including electronic devices, while you are in the test center.

8. Are you ready for the New SAT?

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