Omega Private Academy

“Benefit From Our Small Group Classroom”

Omega Private Academy offers a rewarding alternative to traditional large public or private schools. At Omega, students receive individualized instruction in a small group classroom, typically 8:1 student:teacher ratio. Omega teachers customize each child’s curriculum to meet their individual academic goals. If your child is struggling in school, call an Omega Private Academy academic adviser today to set up a free consultation!


1d5320b4-160a-1628-bb70-000076339143_1342134855_checkitSACS Accredited

Omega Private Academy provides Kindergarten through 12th grade education. It is accredited by AdvancEd nationally and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).


1d5320b4-160a-1628-bb70-000076339143_1342134855_checkitConvenient School Hours

Classes are held Monday through Thursday on a half day schedule, with Fridays designated for independent study outside of the classroom and electives. Parents and students also can look forward to project-based instruction. We are not a worksheet school. We provide practical applications for our curriculum.


1d5320b4-160a-1628-bb70-000076339143_1342134855_checkitSmall Classroom Size

As parents, one of the most important things we can give our children is a good education. Largerclassroom sizes in most learning environments are making private schooling more attractive.With school classroom sizes increasing, students can easily get lost in the shuffle. If you desire alow student- teacher ratio, individualized instruction, and flexibility in a Christian, fully accredited learning environment, Omega Private Academy is what you have been searching for and more!


1d5320b4-160a-1628-bb70-000076339143_1342134855_checkitBenefit from having a current IEP (Individualized instruction Plan)

If your state has a Special Needs Scholarship program for students with an IEP, you may beentitled to apply that scholarship towards your tuition at Omega Private Academy.


1d5320b4-160a-1628-bb70-000076339143_1342134855_checkitIndividualized Instruction

Parents and students can expect specialized instruction based on how the student learns.Omega really understands that not everyone learns the same way. We teach each student to theirlearning style. Teachers are able to pinpoint their students’ learning styles and individualizetheir learning experience. Our small group setting is perfect for thosestudents needing less classroom distraction. Omega provides a warm and friendly learning environment for our students whom we consider part of our “Omega” family. Therefore we are extremely selective when accepting new students. We are equally selective with our teaching staff.Our teachers are all certified and provide ample positive reinforcement to each student.

1d5320b4-160a-1628-bb70-000076339143_1342134855_checkitCOMPLETE READING SERIES & ORTON-GILLINGHAM TECHNIQUE

Omega Private Academy uses the Orton-Gillingham technique for reading, writing, and spelling. Thismulti-sensory instruction is designed to help students who have difficulty acquiring basicwritten language skills through traditional methods. Omega teachers provide multi-sensory activities for oral language development, print, and phonological awareness. They are also trained to be familiar with learning disabilities that interfere with the reading, writing, and mathprocess such as visual and auditory processing disorders, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and more.(Orton- Gillingham trained teachers are employed at certain participating Omega centers.)


1d5320b4-160a-1628-bb70-000076339143_1342134855_checkitOMEGA PRIVATE ACADEMY RESULTS

Omega students average academic growth:2 years and 9 months In a 10 month school year!