Omega Tutoring Success Story

Alexa’s family tried other tutoring programs, but her grades remained inconsistent. Alexa’s parents couldn’t understand why previous “subject tutoring” hadn’t helped her long term. During a parent-teacher conference, Alexa’s schoolteacher recommended Omega Learning® Center. Alexa’s parents visited Omega Learning® Center where Alexa took the well-respected Woodcock Johnson IV academic assessment to evaluate her academic areas in math and reading.

Omega’s academic assessment revealed to Alexa’s parents that she had missed the basic building blocks of math and reading in elementary school and middle school. But Omega Learning® Center didn’t stop there. Omega also gave Alexa a FREE learning style assessment, MyStudyStyle®, and learned Alexa was predominantly a “visual” learner, which presented valuable insight for her parents and Omega’s certified tutor. Omega’s tutor provided individualized instruction and positive reinforcement for Alexa, giving her the confidence to develop more advanced critical-thinking skills during the school year.

Alexa loved working with the her same tutor each week and through daily communication, Alexa’s parents discovered that she was achieving her academic goals. After completing Omega’s math and reading programs, Alexa’s comprehension and calculation skills increased over 2 years. More importantly, Alexa can apply this knowledge to more advanced reading and math concepts.

Omega Learning® Center offers Tutoring K-12 with certified teachers for every subject in school. Stop by an Omega Learning® Center near you to receive a FREE MyStudyStyle® assessment. 


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