Omega Tutors Make A Difference

Certified TeacherOmega Learning® Center tutors are real life superheroes. Learn what makes Omega Learning® Center tutors special and stand out.

Omega tutors believe in:

  • Providing opportunity for growth
  • Building student confidence
  • Achieving academic success
  • Encouraging critical thinking skills
  • Communicating directly with schools
  • Utilizing a tutoring system

How Omega tutors make all the difference!

  1. Omega tutors are teachers.

    Omega tutors are certified, qualified, and motivated teachers who care about your student’s success. For the student who needs more attention or who is not challenged at school, Omega tutors make sure each student receives individualized instruction in our 3:1 student-to-teacher ratio learning environment.

  2. Omega tutors produce results.

    Omega tutors understand each student is unique. Our tutors use Omega’s proprietary curriculum, OutpAce®, with supplemental enrichment-based teaching resources that complement your student’s school curriculum and accelerate academic growth. The average academic growth is 2.6 years after completing our program.

  3. Omega tutors are dynamic.

    Omega tutors engage their students and use auditory, visual, and tactile instructional methods to achieve accelerated, lasting results. By using a combination of instructional materials, our tutors can fill skill gaps, help with school homework, and increase classroom performance. Our programs include all reading and math school subjects, including AP and honors courses.

  4. Omega tutors are educated.

    Many Omega tutors have master’s degrees and special education degrees, gifted certification, and experience with multi-sensory instruction. Our tutors must also complete handbook training, video training, and peer-to-peer training.

  5. Omega tutors are local.

    Omega tutors live and work in our community. They believe in the power of a strong education and its value for your child’s future. Omega tutors strongly believe in building a stronger community one family at a time.

  6. Omega tutors are connected.

    Omega tutors provide daily feedback to our students’ parents and schoolteachers to keep everyone informed on the Academic Team. We believe this communication with your child’s Academic Team creates a clear instructional plan, encourages reciprocal communication, and exponentially increases your student’s academic growth.

Omega Learning® Center offers Tutoring K-12 with certified teachers for every subject in school. Find a center near you!

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