Individualized Instruction

Omega Private Academy® teachers use multi-sensory instructional resources to help students who have difficulty acquiring basic written language skills through traditional methods. Omega teachers are trained to be familiar with learning disabilities that interfere with the reading, writing, and math learning processes, such as visual and auditory processing disorders, dyslexia, dysgraphia and more. Omega’s differentiated instruction also helps students needing more challenging curriculum and/or accelerated academic plans.


Caring Teachers

Because Omega provides a “family” atmosphere, we are extremely selective when accepting new teachers. Omega teachers are experienced and compassionate community leaders that relate well to our students. Omega teachers provide effective communication and positive reinforcement. Parents can expect consistent communication throughout the school year.


Flexible Scheduling

Omega’s flexible Academic Plans are ideal for students wanting to “catch up” or accelerate their graduation path. To help each student achieve success based on their definition and timeline, Omega offers 10, 11, and 12-month customized Academic Plans.

Omega schools offer convenient school hours, Monday through Thursday, with the option to participate in additional electives after school and/or on Fridays at certain locations. Our flexible schedule provides students with more time for family and/or sports activities. Omega’s student government is extremely involved in community service. In fact, each month the student body is invited to participate in a character-building community service project.


Accredited Nationwide

Omega Private Academy® is accredited by AdvancED nationwide, which is a critical validation of private school operations and efficiency. AdvancED only offers district-wide accreditation to systems meeting the highest levels of educational quality.