State Test Preparation

Schools require standardized benchmarking “high stakes” tests to determine each child’s level of curriculum comprehension. Most states administer the standardized tests yearly in the spring for students in 3rd through 8th grade. These standardized tests can have a significant impact not only to the school but also to your student. The state test results are vital and may affect your student’s academic placement in future years, and even prevent promotion to the next grade level. No matter how you feel about this controversial assessment tool, it’s important for your child do their very best.

Now your student can take the state test before it counts! Omega Learning® Center administers a free State Test Evaluation to help students better prepare for their upcoming state test. Omega’s free State Test Evaluation is an an initial state-specific test administered in a proctored testing environment. Omega’s State Test Evaluation also includes completion of practice test sections, review of missed questions, strategic remediation, and validated test-taking strategies. Students benefit by taking Omega’s initial evaluation test to help our certified teachers customize each student’s test prep program.

Schedule your free State Test evaluation today! Stop by an Omega Learning® Center near you. 

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