Stay Sharp This Summer

Experts say students can lose up to 30% of their newly acquired academic knowledge over the summer. Let a certified teacher at Omega Learning® Center make sure your child stays sharp and starts the new school year prepared and confident. Enroll your student in one of Omega’s exciting summer programs for students in grades K-12!

Preview Fall Curriculum This Summer

Math: Calculation, math fluency, word problems, and math reasoning and application of concepts.
Reading: Comprehension, sight words, fluency, and vocabulary.
Writing Skills: Structural and creative writing skills, research, writing fluency, grammar, punctuation, editing, revising, and handwriting.
SAT/ACT* Prep: Increase SAT/ACT* scores with Omega’s OutpAce® SAT* Prep program during summer at Omega Learning® Center! Our highly effective academic camps are designed to target and improve your student’s SAT*/ACT* scores in math, reading, writing, and vocabulary through strategic remediation, guided instruction, and test-taking strategies.

The Power of S.T.E.A.M.

Students develop new skills, expand creative thinking, foster team building, and meet new  friends.

Computer Technology
• Robotics Exploration
• Creative Math Problem Solving
• Science Activities
• Art Projects
• Speech and Presentation

At Omega Learning® Center students thrive when they are given the opportunity, confidence, and tools that inspire creative thinking. Campers are divided into like-minded grade clusters to tailor activities, instruction, and curriculum content, which create an engaging and fun summer learning experience.  Upon completion, each student will be presented with a certificate for the successful completion of the Omega Learning® Center S.T.E.A.M. Summer Camp. A child’s experience is limited, yet their abilities are boundless!

Give your student an academic advantage this year at Omega Learning® Center. Find a center near you.

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