Summer Learning Enrichment Camps

Hispanic boy readingWhy does summertime learning matter so much? Because when students lack access to high-quality summer learning and enrichment opportunities, they risk falling prey to summer learning loss — a loss in academic skills and knowledge during summer vacation. Because summer learning loss is cumulative over time, it leads to increased dropout rates among those students who have fallen behind.

Research shows that students who take part in high-quality summer learning programs that combine academics, enrichment and multi-sensory instruction benefit from substantial improvements in their academic achievement, vocabulary and reading skills, social skills, work habits and attitudes, and readiness to learn. Omega Learning® Center provides summer learning enrichment camps designed to help students fill academic skills gaps and build vital critical-thinking skills needed to apply their knowledge to more advanced academic concepts. student1

Get to know our Summer Enrichment Camps:

reading_icon_1733690702 Summer Reading Enrichment

Discover the love of reading this summer with Omega’s certified teachers! Omega’s enrichment-based OutpAce® curriculum help students develop and improve the fundamentals in reading including sight words, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, language arts, and writing skills.

math_icon_1733623481 Summer Math Enrichment

Math can be fun! Omega’s certified teachers help students develop and improve fundamental math concepts including basic calculation skills, math facts fluency, word problems, and math reasoning and apply their knowledge to more advance math concepts.

writing_icon_879562193 Summer Writing Enrichment

Give your child the confidence to write this summer! Omega’s certified teachers help students develop and improve the fundamentals of writing including structural and creative writing skills, research, writing fluency, grammar, punctuation, editing, revising, and handwriting.

studyskill_icon_1407481934 Summer SAT*/ACT* Enrichment

Increase your SAT/ACT* scores with Omega’s SAT* Test Prep program!  Our highly effective academic camps are designed to target and improve your student’s SAT*/ACT* scores in math, reading, writing, and vocabulary through strategic remediation, mock testing, guided instruction, and increased critical-thinking skills.

Enroll your student in one of Omega’s exciting summer enrichment programs grades K-12. Find a center near you!

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