Summer Tutoring K-12

Let an Omega Learning® Center certified teacher help your student stay sharp this summer with one of our engaging K-12 tutoring programs. Our highly qualified tutors fill skill gaps, teach validated study skills, and help your student build vital critical-thinking skills. At Omega instruction is customized based on your family’s individual program goals. In our AdvancED® accredited learning environment students benefit from Omega’s exclusive OutpAce® curriculum.


Summer Reading Enrichment

Help your student discover the love of reading and writing this summer with Omega Learning® Center’s enrichment-based OutpAce® curriculum. Omega’s certified teachers help students develop and improve the fundamentals of reading and writing. Our highly-effective summer program includes sight words, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, language arts, and writing skills. In our AdvancED® learning environment students build vital critical-thinking skills needed for Reading and math application.


Summer Math Enrichment

Math can be fun! Omega’s certified teachers help students develop and improve fundamental math concepts including basic calculation skills, math facts fluency, word problems, and math reasoning. Through Omega’s enrichment-based OutpAce® curriculum, students build vital critical-thinking skills needed to apply their knowledge to more advanced, multi-step math concepts. Preview fall math curriculum and get a jump start on the upcoming school year at Omega Learning® Center this summer!

Give your student an academic advantage this year at Omega Learning® Center. Find a center near you.

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