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Math Tutoring Services Suwanee, GA. Reading Tutoring Services Suwanee, GA. SAT Prep and ACT Prep Tutors in Suwanee, GA.

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Math Tutoring and Reading Tutoring

Serving Suwanee, GA and Surrounding Communities

Tutoring Program Benefits:

✔ Certified Teachers
✔ Individualized Instruction
✔ Daily Communication
✔ SACS Accredited
✔ Proven Results

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Omega’s tutoring programs are aligned with your school’s standards.

Omega’s tutoring programs include ALL K-12 math and reading-based subjects.

Omega’s AIM Tutoring System™ provides proven results!

  • Math Tutoring programs at Omega Learning include the following: Fundamental math, algebra 1, algebra 2, algebra 3, calculus, trigonometry, statistics, physics, science, chemistry, biology, math homework help tutoring, study skills, honors and AP classes, math fluency, math reasoning, word problems, fractions, basic calculation skills.
  • Reading Tutoring programs at Omega Learning include the following: Social studies, history, literature, enrichment tutoring, homework help, study skills, honors and AP classes, writing skills, language arts, grammar, sight words, beginning reading, reading fluency, spelling, and English tutoring.
  • Test Prep programs at Omega Learning include the following standardized tests: SAT Prep, ACT Prep, State Test Prep, EOCT (end of course test), ITBS Prep, SSAT Prep, and GED Prep. Omega also offers tutoring programs that prepare students for the magnet or gifted program entrance exams.

Omega tutors fill skill gaps in math and reading, increase classroom performance and build important critical thinking skills needed for long term success. Omega tutors send daily communication reports to parents and your child’s teachers at school.

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Tutoring for Math and Reading in Suwanee, GA.

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About Omega Learning – Suwanee:

Tutoring K-12 • Certified Teachers

Omega Learning® – Suwanee was founded by community leader, Carolyn Burkes, whose passion for educational excellence began as a parent herself, wanting her child to have the best opportunities for success. Bringing quality, educational services to parents and students is what inspired Carolyn to open an Omega Learning Center franchise in Suwanee, Georgia.

Omega Learning has achieved the highest level of national accreditation in the country through AdvancED/SACS. Our centers offer a nationally recognized academic assessment, the Woodcock Johnson III and individualized instruction by certified teachers. Students benefit from Omega’s AIM Tutoring System®, which allows tutors to easily access the most effective teaching resources. Omega tutors efficiently manage their students’ progress and send daily communication reports to parents and teachers at school.

The brand “Omega Learning,” which originated in Acworth, GA in 2005, has expanded across five states in the southeast, helping thousands of students achieve long and short-term academic goals. Omega Learning provides remediation curriculum that is aligned with the new Common Core Standards, adopted by all public schools and many private schools in 44 states.

Here’s where Omega Learning Center is Located in Suwanee, GA:

Our Tutoring Center’s Awards and Achievements:

Omega Learning Center - Tutoring in Suwanee, GA and Surrounding CommunitiesExamples of Omega’s “Partner In Education” activities: PTSA sponsorships, Donations for schools’ Fall Festival or Spring Fling, provide a judge for a spelling bee or science fair, sponsor teacher’s breakfast, provide bookmarks for the school library, sponsor school directory or agenda, conduct study skills seminar at PTSA meetings, sponsor sports team banner, sponsor writing contest, donate silent auction prizes, offer athletic WJIII Assessment Scholarships.

Awards: Omega Learning Centers are actively involved in our “Community Partnership” program and have received acknowledgements and awards for community service and customer satisfaction from well-respected business organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.

Call Us Today! 770-932-8363