What is My Child’s Learning Style?

August 10 MondayIf your child constantly squirms and fidgets while doing math homework or insists on listening to music while studying vocabulary words, they are probably just using the strategies that help them learn the best. Educators are aware that learning is not a one-size-fits-all. By understanding your child’s learning style, you will be able to develop strategies that will enhance their full learning potential. All students learn through visual, auditory, and tactile means, however, everyone has a predominant learning style with which they learn most efficiently. A predominant learning style is the way in which your child prefers to learn, process, and store information. There are three primary types of learning styles:

Sight  Visual- You learn best through SEEING. You learn best by reading, watching a demonstration, and looking at graphics and illustrations.

Hearing  Auditory- You learn best through HEARING. You learn best by hearing lectures, having information verbally repeated, and having information read to you.

Tactile   Tactile- You learn best through TOUCH. You learn best by using hands on manipulatives, moving while learning, and experiencing the learning through action

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In a typical classroom, some kids process information best by hearing the teacher explain it, some learn by seeing what’s on the chalkboard, and others learn through hands-on exercises. Understanding your child’s learning style can reduce homework frustrations and make it easier for families to communicate at home. Omega Learning® Center offers an exclusive assessment, MyStudyStyle®, that can help you determine the best way for your child to learn. Discover your child’s learning style today and help them improve classroom performance. Find a center near you! http://www.omegalearning.com/find-tutors/. Omega Learning® Center offers Tutoring K-12 with certified teachers for every subject in school.

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