Providing Opportunity
Omega's mission is to provide customized instruction that achieves each family’s educational goals. Omega Learning® Centers provide AdvancED accredited educational programs for children and young adults.
Building Confidence
The basic skills of math and reading are like building blocks. If not firmly in place, they cannot serve as the foundation to support more advanced skills. Most skill gaps go undetected until a student struggles with more advanced concepts. Omega Learning® Centers work individually with each student to build confidence and teach the skills that create a strong academic foundation.
Achieving Success
With a decade of validated results, Omega Learning® Center provides an exclusive and comprehensive solution to help you achieve success with your long and short term academic goals. Omega’s programs' average academic growth is two years and two months.

Mission: To provide customized instruction that achieves
each family's educational goals.

Omega’s Vision: Driven by our Christian values and passion for excellence, Omega Learning provides superior educational services, building a stronger community one family at a time.

Values: F.I.R.S.T.
Faith, Integrity, Respect, Service, Teamwork