Our Students
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Andrew had always struggled in reading and language arts. He never liked to read and his parents were worried that if he stayed on this course, that he would never achieve high enough SAT* scores to get into college.

At Omega Private Academy®, Andrew’s teachers discovered his primary learning style was visual. Through differentiated instruction his Omega teachers used specific visual teaching resources to solidify core reading and language arts concepts. After completing two and a half years at Omega, his SAT* scores were high enough to get him into any college he wanted to attend!

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April was finding school very challenging. Her parents had her tested for a learning disability and she was diagnosed with ADD. They began looking for a smaller school where April could stay more focused.

After completing her first school year at Omega Private Academy®, April increased 2.8 years in math calculation and word problems. Omega’s customized lesson plans gave her Omega teacher the freedom to challenge April in certain areas of reading and perform remediation in her math curriculum. April loves her caring Omega teachers and was recently elected student council Vice President.

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Alec had just finished 8th grade and has an IEP for an auditory processing disorder. His parents learned about Omega’s private school from a neighbor.

At Omega, Alec’s teachers created customized lesson plans that included graphic organizers. Alec’s parents have seen a big improvement with his confidence. After completing his first year at Omega Private Academy®, Alec’s reading comprehension and vocabulary increased 2.8 years! Although Alec initially wanted to attend Omega Private Academy® for just one year to catch up, he made so many friends that he wants to stay until he graduates!

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Angela had always been shy in school. She often “froze” during tests and did not like asking questions in her classroom. School became so stressful that she wanted to quit. Her parents heard about Omega Private Academy® on a local radio station and called to get an academic advisement meeting.

Angela’s parents loved Omega’s learning environment and spent a day “shadowing” a classroom to see how the students interacted with the private school teachers. Once enrolled Angela’s teachers provided the individualized instruction and positive reinforcement she needed.
Angela has attended Omega Private Academy® for three years and is already building a solid college resume with Omega’s community service and National Honor Society.

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Conner was an average student who has always performed just enough to get by. Once he falls behind, Conner loses confidence and gives up. His parents were looking for a school where Conner could receive the quality of instruction and attention that he needed.

Conner’s academic assessment showed skill gaps in math calculation, fluency, and word problems, which require more advanced critical-thinking skills. His teachers at Omega Private Academy® performed remediation and filled skill gaps throughout the school year as needed. His math and science grades improved from a “C’s” to “A’s” and his calculation skills increased 2.5 years!

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In middle school Jenna moved from out-of-state and had a difficult transition into a new school system. In her class of 28 students her teacher was simply unable to give her the remediation she needed to catch up with her classmates.

After reading about Omega Private Academy®’s small classroom size and multiple positive reviews, Jenna’s parents enrolled her. Jenna’s teacher was able to fill skill gaps in a small class size and teach her the critical-thinking skills needed to apply that knowledge to more advanced learning concepts. Jenna is now caught up and has even excelled in many academic areas. Her confidence and grades have soared!

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Shawn was an average student who never liked to study. He is active with a travel baseball team and needed a school with flexible scheduling.

Shawn’s parents heard about Omega Private Academy® from a friend. Omega was able to work with his travel baseball schedule and accommodate travel. His Omega math teacher created customized lesson plans to fill skill gaps in math calculation and promote math application skills.

After completing his first year at Omega, Shawn’s math grade increased from a low “C” to a solid “A” and his Woodcock Johnson IV post assessment showed a 2.4-year increase in math calculation skills!

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Anna was always a good student and wanted to be accepted into a challenging magnet program in her school district. Her parents felt that her public school teachers did not have time to challenge Anna and accelerate her math and science curriculum.

Anna’s parents found Omega Private Academy® and took a school tour the next day. Because of the differentiated instruction, her teachers have been able to provide more challenging curriculum as necessary throughout the school year to prepare her for a targeted magnet program. Her accelerated academics allowed her to migrate seamlessly back into public school for her senior year with the math and science foundation she needed.