Our School

Omega Private Academy® K-12

One of the Cognia® accredited educational services offered by Omega Learning® is our well-respected private school, Omega Private Academy®, a rewarding alternative to a traditional public or private school. In our small group classrooms, Omega-certified teachers use differentiated instruction to accommodate all types of learners and meet their academic needs. Benefits of Omega Private Academy®:

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  • Low Student Teacher Ratio
  • Cognia® Accredited
  • Caring Certified Teachers
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Yearly Standardized Testing
  • Customized Academic Plans
  • Proven Academic Growth
  • College Prep Curriculum

Providing Opportunity

Omega understands that not every child learns in the same way and provides low student: teacher ratio classrooms and flexible Academic Plans, ideal for remediation and accelerated growth. To help each student achieve success based on their definition and timeline, Omega offers the choice of a standard or extended school year and 10, 11, and 12-month customized Academic Plans.

Building Confidence

Omega Private Academy® teachers provide differentiated instruction, accentuating the individual qualities of each child. Omega’s caring, highly-qualified teachers are able to fill skill gaps and challenge their students as needed, allowing them to achieve success on a daily basis and build valuable self-confidence.

Achieving Success

Students experience significant academic growth in our Christian, personalized learning environment. Omega Private Academy® students are tested at the beginning and the end of each school year. Our students’ average school year growth is two years and four months.