Omega Tutors Believe In:


• Providing opportunity for growth
• Building student confidence
• Achieving academic success
• Encouraging critical-thinking skills
• Communicating directly with schools
• Utilizing a tutoring system


Our tutors are qualified, motivated, and certified teachers who care about your student’s success.


Omega tutors achieve results using our AIM Tutoring System®. The average academic growth is 2.6 years after completing our program.


Our tutors engage their students and use auditory, visual, and tactile instructional methods to achieve


Many Omega tutors have master’s degrees and special education degrees, and all must complete the Omega training/certification program.


Our tutors live and work in our community. They believe in the power of a strong education and its value for your child’s future.


Omega tutors send daily email updates to our students’ parents and schoolteachers to keep everyone informed.

Omega Learning® Centers hire qualified tutors to ensure the quality of instruction each student receives throughout their tutoring program. Tutors are local certified teachers or educational experts in their subject actively customizing instruction for students in our small group setting. Our tutors are recruited through a highly selective process beginning with an in-depth application followed by a personal interview with the Center Director. It is this preliminary process that allows Center Directors to select candidates based on education, ability, personality, and availability.

Prior to being given an official start date, all Omega Learning® Center employees undergo a thorough background check that is authorized upon hire. To ensure the protection of our students, employees are given and agree to the terms outlined in Omega Learning® Employment Policies, an Individual Confidential Agreement, as well as an Individual Covenant Not to Compete. Certified teachers are also asked to provide a copy of their teaching license.

Prior to their start date, candidates participate in a three-part training program provided by the Center Director. Candidates will be given a copy of the Tutor Handbook that details the operations and expectations of an Omega Learning® tutor. Our handbook is covered page by page privately with each candidate. Following handbook training, each candidate is given a short assessment to ensure understanding of handbook content and policies.

Finally, they train peer-to-peer with existing Omega Learning® tutors at their center. Candidates will observe active tutoring hours, how a tutoring session is structured, expected tutor-student interaction, instruction implementation, resource and manipulative use, and how to construct tutor-parent correspondence. Through this peer training, candidates will also be exposed to the Omega Learning® e-Tutor system, proprietary curriculum, and manipulative library resources.