Tutoring for all Reading and Language Arts School Subjects

  • Social Studies
  • History
  • English/Literature
  • Language Arts
  • Writing/Grammar
  • Homework Help
  • Study Skills
  • AP and Honors Classes

Reading Program Objectives (K-12)

Reading Remediation – Omega’s reading tutors fill skill gaps as needed in the following key areas of reading: reading fluency, sight letters/ sight words, phonics, reading comprehension, reading vocabulary, and spelling.

Test Prep – To achieve better grades in school students learn important test-taking strategies and prepare for language arts and reading-based tests at Omega.

Writing Skills – Our reading tutors help students build creative and structural writing skills through writing project/homework help.

Study Skills – Omega’s reading tutors teach effective note-taking techniques, listening skills, time management, and homework organization.

Application Skills – Omega’s reading tutors help students build the critical-thinking skills needed to apply basic comprehension skills to more lengthier passages.

Reading Tutoring K-12

Omega’s reading and language arts tutoring programs are highly effective for students of all ages and validated by post-program academic growth statistics. For elementary school students, our certified teachers help students improve basic reading skills, sight letters/words, reading fluency, phonics, vocabulary, spelling, writing composition, language arts, and grammar. Proficiency of these skills in early years lead to increased comprehension and build an intrinsic love of reading.

Rather than relying on simple memorization, Omega Learning® Center reading tutors help their students develop the critical thinking skills needed for acquiring a deeper understanding of reading passages requiring inferring and the identification of context clues.


Omega understands the importance of building strong study skills before high school and all tutoring programs incorporate study skills and test preparation.

High school students are faced with challenging reading and language arts course curriculum. Omega’s reading tutors provide consistent support during the school week to improve better grades. ALL school reading subjects may be included in your Omega tutoring program including AP and Honors Classes.

Omega’s customized reading programs and cutting-edge technology provide the most effective learning platform for your student! Our reading tutors send daily progress reports to your Academic Team, including parents and teachers at school.