Online Courses

Online Courses K-12


Online Course Flexibility Adds Value

Omega Learning® Online offers a wide variety of affordable, Internet-based, K-12 school courses, which are available virtually anytime, anywhere.  Download our price card.

Provides Credit Recovery

Students can benefit from Omega Learning® Online in a variety of ways. Students in grades K-12 can enroll in multiple or individual courses, achieve credit recovery, and benefit from dual-enrollment.

Provides Customized Online Learning

Your Online Academic Plan is customized in your private advisement conference, based on your student’s individual needs, as well as your family’s long- and short-term goals.  Become a part of our exclusive, competency-based learning environment and achieve academic success your way.

Courses are Teacher-Supervised 

An Omega Learning® teacher monitors your Online course progress and personally grades all quizzes and tests, taking into consideration your student’s IEP accommodations (if applicable).

Benefits a Wide Variety of Student Profiles

Our Online learning environment meets the unique academic and scheduling needs of the families we serve and is perfect for student athletes, aspiring actors, budding musicians, independent home-schoolers, and traveling families.

Provides Optional Tutorial Support

Omega Learning® Centers nationwide can help your student achieve success with their Online course through our Cognia® Accredited educational support services.