Tutoring Program Benefits

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  • Individualized Instruction
  • Certified Teachers
  • Customized Programs
  • Daily Tutor Communication
  • AIM Tutoring System®
  • Proven Results
  • Cognia® Accredited Nationwide

Individualized Instruction

Omega understands that not all students learn the same way. Our certified teachers work with each student individually to provide a personalized learning experience that students need to succeed. Our tutors engage their students and use auditory, visual, and tactile instructional methods to achieve lasting results. Check out our exciting Summer Programs!

Program Objectives

Your student’s instruction includes clearly-defined program objectives: solidifying core academic concepts, improving grades, and building application skills. Omega’s proprietary curriculum, OutpAce®, provides our tutors with supplemental enrichment-based teaching resources that compliment your student’s school curriculum and accelerate academic growth. Omega’s summer curriculum integrates science and arts, building vital critical-thinking skills.

Certified Teachers

Our exceptional tutors live and work in our community and believe in the power of a strong education. Because Omega’s certified teachers are typically working in our school system during the day, they are best suited to tutor at Omega in the evenings and help our students succeed in school. Many of our tutors have their Master’s and Special Education degrees, and all must receive an Omega training certification.

Customized Programs

Omega’s reading and math tutoring programs are aligned with your school’s curriculum, so apply to all types of learning environments. Omega’s customized programs are based on clearly defined objectives, which include solidifying core academic concepts, improving classroom performance, and building important application skills. Today, students need to think more creatively, express themselves with confidence, and understand the real-world application of the math and reading concepts they are learning in school.

Daily Tutor Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of Omega’s value-added tutoring program benefits. Omega reading and math tutors effectively manage your student’s progress and send daily progress updates to all members of your Academic Team, including parents and schoolteachers.

AIM Tutoring System®

Omega’s proprietary AIM Tutoring System® provides our tutors with the teaching resources, flexibility, and insight to effectively manage your student’s intuitive instructional path.

APPLY – Omega tutors help students increase fluency and build important critical-thinking skills needed to apply the basics of reading and math to more advanced learning concepts.
INTEGRATE – Omega tutors integrate five key program objectives based on each student’s individual needs: Remediation, Homework Help, Study Skills, Test Preparation, and Enrichment.
MANAGE – Omega tutors effectively manage each student’s progress and send email updates to parents and teachers at school.