4 Step Process


Omega uses the Woodcock Johnson® IV Tests of Achievement to pinpoint skill gaps within specific areas of reading and math. Your student will also receive Omega’s learning style assessment, MyStudyStyle®, to determine their primary learning style (auditory, visual, or tactile) and “Jump Start” their tutoring program. Your program includes a half-point and final academic assessment to validate academic progress and program effectiveness. Omega’s comprehensive assessment approach maximizes your investment in a tutoring program.


Custom Program

A customized program is developed for your student based on their assessment results, school grades, study habits, and your family goals. Your “Program Emphasis” defines targeted academic areas needing most improvement and provides the most efficient instructional path to success! Program objectives include solidifying core academic concepts, improving classroom performance, and building enrichment skills for future grades.


AIM Tutoring System®

Omega’s AIM Tutoring System® provides the framework for your student’s program. Our exclusive tutoring system is intuitive by design, providing both consistency and flexibility to accelerate academic growth. Quite simply, Omega’s AIM Tutoring System® will help you achieve academic success quicker than other tutoring programs. Certified teachers combine Omega’s enrichment-based curriculum, OutpAce®, with your student’s school lessons and homework to fill skill gaps as needed and solidify core academic concepts.


Proven Results

Omega’s entire system is results-driven. After each tutoring session tutors send daily progress updates to parents and schoolteachers.  Our tutoring programs also include a half-point academic assessment and parent conference.  Upon program completion, your student will be given a final academic assessment and parent conference to review your student’s academic growth and overall program success. Omega students excel two years and two months after completing our recommended tutoring program.