Tutoring Success Stories
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Jack developed difficulties with grades in 4th grade despite having straight “A’s” in early elementary school. What changed?

Through Omega’s Woodcock Johnson IV academic assessment, Jack’s family discovered that although his elementary school grades did not reflect it, he struggled in reading-based subjects because of previously undetected skill gaps in comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency. After Jack’s 95 hour reading tutoring program, he relied less on memorization and more on using critical thinking skills. His fluency increased 5 years. Today, Jack’s reading skills are ready for a rigorous middle school reading curriculum.


Ben was an average student who was active in sports. He lacked the motivation and organizational skills to succeed in school. His parents know that once he falls behind, Ben stops trying.

Ben’s academic assessment showed skill gaps in math calculation, fluency, and word problems, which require more advanced critical thinking skills. Omega worked with Ben’s sports schedule and his teachers at school to keep him focused throughout the school year.
After completing Omega’s math tutoring program with multi-sensory instruction, Ben increased his math and science grades from “C’s” to “A’s” and once his Omega tutoring program was completed, his post assessment showed a 2.6-year increase in math calculation skills!

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Julie has always been shy in school. She often “froze” during tests and did not like asking questions in her classroom.

Julie’s assessment at Omega uncovered skill gaps in reading comprehension and vocabulary. Julie’s dedicated Omega Learning® Center reading tutor provided individualized instruction and positive reinforcement. Soon, she formed a bond with her Omega reading tutor and felt she could ask her questions she didn’t feel comfortable asking at school.

After completing her customized Omega reading tutoring program, Julie showed 2.6 years academic growth, her self-confidence grew and she developed more advanced critical thinking skills that she can use throughout her academic career.


Stephen is in 8th grade and has an IEP for auditory processing and a language disorder. Stephen’s parents were frustrated with in home tutoring that did not seem to fix the problem.

Omega reading tutors worked with Stephen’s curriculum in school and communicated daily with Stephen’s teachers at school. Omega’s “on call academic advisor” attended Stephen’s IEP meetings at school at his parent’s request.

After completing Omega’s reading program, Stephen learned study skills that helped him overcome his learning disability in school. Through our customized, multi-sensory instruction, Stephen now applies his new skills to more advanced reading concepts, requiring the ability to make inferences and the use of critical thinking skills. His confidence soared and grades improved considerably.


Garrett was an average student with poor study habits and little interest in school. His parents have busy work schedules and needed some help providing a structured after school learning environment.

Garrett’s assessment scores in math and reading were as inconsistent as his grades. The school he attends has a difficult curriculum, and his lack of structure hindered his performance on independent work assignments.

Omega’s reading tutoring program provided the structure Garrett needed to complete homework assignments, improve grades, and get into college. He also learned important study skills including time management, note-taking techniques he can use for years to come.


Jessica moved from Texas and had a difficult transition from Kindergarten to 1st grade. She would not try to read and was easily discouraged.

In a parent-teacher conference, Jessica’s school teacher recommended Omega Learning® Center. Through Omega’s WJIII assessment, Omega discovered skill gaps in sight words, phonics, and fluency. Jessica loved working with the same reading tutor each week and through daily communication, her parents discovered that she was a visual learner. Not only did Omega’s tutoring help Jessica succeed in 1st grade, but it helped her discover an intrinsic love of reading.

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Alexa’s family tried other tutoring programs, but her grades remained inconsistent.

Alexa’s family couldn’t understand why “subject tutoring” hadn’t helped her in the long term. They even had her tested for a learning disability, but no disability was detected. After Omega’s academic assessment, Alexa’s parents realized she had missed the basic building blocks of math and reading in elementary and middle school.

After completing Omega’s math and reading tutoring programs, Alexa’s comprehension and calculation skills increased over 2 years. More importantly, Alexa is prepared for future grades, knowing she can apply this knowledge to more advanced reading and multi-step math concepts.

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Mallika is great at math and has excellent grades, but needs help with her literature and history classes to raise her GPA.

Omega tutors worked closely with Mallika’s literature teacher at school, using her honors curriculum to teach her the necessary study skills needed to achieve success with the rigorous reading curriculum of her advanced classes. Mallika learned important study skills including time management, note-taking, listening skills, and test-taking strategies that she used in all of her classes and can take with her to college.