Omega Difference

Omega centers provide assessments.

Students receive an assessment or form of evaluation at the beginning and the end of each program to validate academic growth. The better the assessment, the better the tutoring program! Omega administers the Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Achievement– the industry’s most highly-regarded individual academic assessment. In addition, Omega administers MyStudyStyle®, our exclusive learning style assessment.

Omega tutors tailor instruction.

Omega understands that each student is unique. Based on your assessment results, current study habits, grades in school, learning style, and family goals, we develop a customized program so that every student benefits from our 3:1 learning environment.

Omega programs provide consistency.

Omega students work with the same tutor each week.  This level of consistency allows our tutors to observe each student’s learning style and employ specific instructional techniques to achieve lasting results.

Omega tutors use a system.

Omega’s AIM Tutoring System® stands for Apply, Integrate, and Manage and provides the instructional framework for our tutors, where they can access supplemental teaching resources, Omega’s OutpAce® supplemental curriculum, progress management tools, and communications platform.

Omega tutors communicate.

Our tutors send daily email updates to parents and teachers at school. Programs include a half-point conference with the tutor and a final conference to review the post assessment results and academic growth.

Omega tutors are certified.

Omega hires only certified teachers for all areas of instruction except upper level and foreign languages. Our tutors are also AIM Tutoring System®-certified through handbook, video, and peer-to-peer training.

Omega centers support schools.

We are a true educational advocate and community partner. Omega sponsors teacher breakfasts, PTSA events, school sports teams, reading programs, math & STEM programs, and school festivals.

Omega centers are accredited.

Omega centers are accredited through AdvancED in every state. Omega Learning® is the country’s only tutoring franchise system to have achieved this level of national AdvancED accreditation. AdvancED is the world’s largest education community, engaging 32,000 public and private schools across the US and 70 other countries.