3 Things Omega Is Thankful For

Fall is in the air! Crispy leaves, sweater weather, and pumpkin-spiced flavors are a few things to get excited about during the holiday season. Now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, we are sharing 3 things that we are thankful for here at Omega Learning® Center.


1. Our Teachers: We are thankful for our teachers at Omega! Our tutors are qualified, motivated, and certified teachers K-8 who care about your student’s success. Many Omega tutors have master’s degrees and special education degrees, and all must complete the Omega training/certification program. Our tutors work diligently to engage with students with our OutpAce® curriculum, including auditory, visual, and tactile instructional methods to achieve accelerated growth and lasting results. Our tutors live and work in our community, and they believe in the power of a strong education and its value for your student’s future. We are continuously grateful for our hard-working tutors!


2.Our Students: We are so thankful for our students who come here every day to make a difference in their educational future. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, and they all benefit from our customized tutoring and test prep programs. Every student puts in their effort to learn from our proprietary curriculum and resources. We love to help them improve and remediate skill gaps and enrichment. We are able to help each student regardless of their learning style, whether it’s visual, auditory, tactile or a combination of each. Omega Learning® is all about helping students achieve academic success one family at a time!


3.Our Parents: We are thankful for the parents that share their stories and experiences with us at Omega. We have an initial, mid-point, and final conference with all parents. This space is designed to show parents their student’s progress as well as listen to parent’s feedback. We are open and receptive when it comes to communication with parents, legal guardians, and relatives. We send daily communication feedback to let the parents know how their student is doing in our tutoring session. Without the parents, we wouldn’t be a big Omega family that we are today.


What are you thankful for? Let us know in the comments!