5 Reasons Families Prefer In Center Tutoring Over Online Tutoring

When students need additional help with their classes and coursework, they seek help from other sources. While parents may be able to help initially, there generally comes a time when the family decides they need a third party involved. So, they decide to hire a tutor.

Over the years, several types of tutoring options have become available. In recent years, there has been an increase in online tutoring. With so many services now being offered online, it seems almost natural that tutoring would move in the same direction. But we have found that families still firmly believe in the success of in person tutoring at an AdvancED accredited tutoring center and find that, overall, it is a better choice.

Why families prefer in-center tutoring over online tutoring…



The key to a successful tutoring experience is a trusted relationship between the tutor and the student. A student who is comfortable and relaxed with a tutor will be more productive and see more progress. It is much easier to build a personal relationship in person than online. You can read body language and social cues. Omega tutors discover how each student learns most effectively and uses the best teaching resources for that student!



Online tutoring requires that a student have several basic components — a computer, a webcam, and a microphone…for starters. Not to mention a connection to the internet. Advanced tutoring may even require digital drawing pads. And if one of those components breaks or one party loses electricity, the tutoring gets put on hold.



When a student and tutor are working face-to-face, it is much easier to stay focused on the task. By choosing an AdvancED accredited tutoring center, developed to optimize the learning experience, the tutor can have the student’s undivided attention. And it’s still easy to get up and stretch if you need a break.



Not all online tutoring comes from a reputable source. While there are many online tutoring sources out there, it can be difficult to ensure your online tutor is qualified. Online businesses rarely interview their tutors in person. A person may be thoroughly background checked and have a Ph.D., but that is not an indication of their character or teaching style. How can you tell from an online profile if a tutor will be a good fit for your student? You can’t.



Is your child’s tutor a good personality fit? In order to build a positive, trusting relationship, it is important that your tutor is sensitive, creative, and flexible to your student’s needs. These qualities are hard to distinguish from an online profile. But, when certified teachers are hand-selected by an AdvancED accredited tutoring center, you can rest assured you are getting the best of the best!


Before you hire a tutor, ask Omega Learning® Center how we select, background check, and train our certified teachers. Find a center today: 770-422-3510