Visual, Auditory or Tactile? Take the MyStudyStyle Assessment

Knowing your child’s learning style is key to his or her school success. Most kids have a natural way of picking up new information. For example, they learn best either by listening, looking, or doing. Once you know your child’s learning personality, you can sidestep a lot of academic agita. There are three primary types of learning styles to which Omega Learning® Center caters:


Omega-Sight -iconVisual – You learn best through SEEING. You learn best by reading, watching a demonstration, and looking at graphics and illustrations.


Omega-Hearing -iconAuditory – You learn best through HEARING. You learn best by hearing lectures, having information verbally repeated, and having information  read to you.


Omega-Touch-iconTactile – You learn best through TOUCH. You learn best by using hands on manipulatives, moving while learning, and experiencing the learning through action.


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