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Crack-the-Code® is a fun and educational after-school program designed for grades K-5. At Crack-the-Code® kids have fun while decoding clues and learning valuable problem-solving skills. Cognia Accredited. Questions? Call us at 770-422-3510.

$99 for 6-week program. Limited space available.

Secret Codes Are Cool

Kids love solving clues and communicating in secret codes, so your child is sure to be ecstatic about this ground-breaking new after-school program. Kids work in small groups, using only the items found in their Clues Crate to encode and decode ciphers, building vocabulary skills, and sharpen critical thinking. Our experienced and nurturing Crack-the-Code® Coaches leads the kids through the adventures! At Crack-the-Code® kids use their imagination and become detectives to solve a mystery, which is set on a different continent each semester. Download Flyer

Creative Competition

Crack-the-Code® founders created a fun and educational after-school program, where students advance both math and reading skills, through action-packed team challenges. This semester our kids play detectives and decipher clues each week to solve the mystery which takes place in Cartagena, Colombia in South America. Next semester the registered students will solve “The Case of the Pirates of Cartagena.”

Unplug and Engage


Parents love the Crack-the-Code® after-school program because their kids are “unplugged” from technology for an hour of physical, creative, and collaborative play. Plus, parents love the idea that they are preparing their children with a strong foundation of critical-thinking skills they can apply to modern challenges.

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Expand Critical Thinking

Kids look forward to Crack-the-Code® each week because we feed their imagination! Plus, the Crack-the-Code® Enrichment Club is a fun and effective way to help students in grades K-5 build vital critical-thinking skills. Students learn about Science and Social Studies, while engaged in action-packed group activities.

21st Century Learning

Crack-the-Code® kids strengthen problem-solving skills through teacher-led group collaboration and critical thinking. Students explore science and social studies, when they engage in action-packed group activities. Crack-the-Code® Kids participate in fingerprint and DNA analysis, learn new vocabulary terms, and detect context clues. Plus, students learn about different cultures around the world, while advancing both cognitive and social development.

Engaging Activities

Students learn how to understand and decode ciphers, so they can Crack-the-Code® each week! New teams are formed each week, introducing each student to varying perspectives and new friendships! Crack-the-Code® kids learn to overcome obstacles using creativity. They build reasoning and communication skills. They build confidence and realize their potential!

Our nurturing teachers help children strengthen their deductive reasoning skills, as they succeed in team-based challenges that spark creative thinking and improve math and reading fluency. Crack-the-Code® activities also expand a student’s knowledge of social studies, geography, history, and sociology.

Modern Problem Solving


Whether in school, work or in their social relationships, the ability to critically analyze a problem, map out its elements, and then prepare a workable solution is one of the most valuable skills anyone can acquire in life. The benefits to acquiring these skills in elementary school can prove immeasurable. Kids look forward to Crack-the-Code® each week because we feed their imagination!  Download Flyer

Limited Spots Per Class


Spots are limited, so register today.  The Crack-the-Code® program investment includes student registration, instruction for each week’s lesson, and all program materials. Program cost may vary.  To find a franchised learning center near you, visit

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Cognia Accredited


Our Crack-the-Code® program was created by the Omega Learning® Center franchise system. Omega Learning® Centers are Cognia accredited nationwide. Cognia is the world’s largest education community, engaging 32,000 public and private schools, 4 million educators, and 20 million students across the US and 70 other countries. Omega Learning® Center is the only United States tutoring franchise system that has achieved a national Cognia accreditation. For information on becoming an Omega Learning® Center franchisee, visit Have a curious child who would love this program? Call us to find a participating Elementary School near you at 404-409-8696.

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