Instruction is CUSTOMIZED


All students benefit from our exclusive AIM Tutoring System®, providing a customized and intuitive tutoring solution. Programs are customized based on a student’s academic assessment, learning style, family goals, school grades, and study habits.

Instruction is Accredited.


Omega Learning® Center is the ONLY tutoring franchise system in the US with a national AdvancED accreditation! That means our system is held accountable to a higher standard than other tutoring franchises.

Instruction is Multi-sensory


To solidify challenging academic concepts Omega’s certified teachers use a wide array of multi-sensory instructional materials to accommodate all primary learning styles (visual, auditory, and tactile) and achieve lasting results.

Instruction is Enrichment- based


Omega’s certified teachers help student build vital critical-thinking skills through our exclusive supplemental curriculum, OutpAce®. Progress for each tutoring session is directly communicated to parents AND schoolteachers!

Instruction is Diversified.


Omega’s certified teachers employ our exclusive AIM Tutoring System® to integrate 5 key program objectives each week: Remediation for skill gaps, study skills, test prep, enrichment, and homework help.

Instruction is RESULTS DRIVEN.


Omega’s tutoring programs produce results! Students build confidence, improve grades, and increase test scores. Omega students receive a pre- and post-assessment to validate academic growth and program effectiveness. Upon program completion, students improve two years and two months!