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Dear Omega Parents,

Omega centers are open nationwide! At Omega, we are committed to making sure that our cleaning standards are continued to make our customers feel safe. We are thrilled that the crisis has passed and that we merged stronger as a company, now offering the same superior in-center services plus more online flexibility now.

Ready to catch up? Are you worried about your children succeeding in the classroom this year? Find out your child’s placement in every area of reading and math with our FREE Woodcock Johnson IV academic assessment + free learning style assessment, MyStudyStyle®. ($155 value)

The covid learning gap is real and children need to be prepared for full-time learning in the classroom. Omega’s “Jump Start July” program will launch them into new school year fully-prepared. A summer bridge program has NEVER been more important. Omega’s program with state-certified teachers includes assessment, remediation for skill gaps, a fall curriculum preview, enrichment, and study skills.

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Kimberly Smith
Omega Learning® Center Franchisor
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