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Dear Omega Parents,

Here’s an update to let you know the measures we’re taking to ensure their well-being. At Omega, we are committed to making sure that all of your safety concerns are addressed. We are confident this crisis will pass and we will emerge from this period of uncertainty very soon. Like all unforeseen challenges, the last two week have allowed us the time to make continuous improvements and add a variety of tutoring solutions to fit your family’s preference. Our Center Directors will certainly be in touch with you to see what your family’s preference will be.


At this time there are a great number of parents struggling, while trying to homeschool their children. Many schools have assigned work for the children to complete while school is out. While other schools have not assigned work, parents are fearful their children will forget a great deal and fall behind quickly when school resumes. Find A Center 


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As an accredited private learning center, cleanliness and sterility have always been top priority. We don’t settle for anything but the highest of standards. We want to assure you that all aspects of our small center are kept to the same high standards as our tutoring room, including the lobby, restroom, and assessment area. Sanitizers are available throughout the center and disinfecting precautions are put in place after each session of tutoring. Click here to learn more about Omega Learning® Online.


We all need a dose of optimism and the good news is that it has been reported that 80% of the people who have the virus have self-healed and required no medical attention. In addition, the Surgeon General just reported on 3/24/20 that 90% of the US people tested in the last week have tested negative. Also, children have been somewhat resistant to the virus. Omega Learning® Centers will continue to provide you with our much-needed educational services in the manner that suits your family during these trying times.

Kimberly Smith
Omega Learning® Center Franchisor
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